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Ad Specs*:

*Suggested art specifications: CMYK • 300dpi • Built To Required Size
Failure to submit press ready artwork could result in color shifts and
additional charges for redesign.

Ads can also be created in-house. Contact us for design pricing and assistance.


Print Ad Pricing:

Full Page Ads With or Without Bleed: $1000

Half Page Ads: $550

Quarter Page Ads: $300

Border Ads: $400

Additional $100 Per Ad Size To Purchase Companion 200x200 Online Ad

Free Group Listing In Magazine (Incl. Group Name, Contact(s) And Phone or Website)

Online Ad Pricing:

300x250 Cube Ad: $250 Per Quarter

200x200 Partner Ad(Links To Your Website): $150 Per Quarter

Event Listing: $100 Per Quarter (May Include 550x300 Flyer) No Click Thru

For more information on advertising, please contact Gunz Johnson at 630-649-3900


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