What Is Lifestyler Nation?

Lifestyler Nation is a free quarterly digest created and designed specifically for Lifestylers. This full color publication is more than just a magazine, it’s a forum. This is where likeminded individuals can share and find common ground. It is where you find answers to specific questions and put an end to certain myths. It is also designed to assist newcomers in making smooth and informed transitions into lifestyles that they may have heard about but never knew who or how to ask.

Lifestyler Nation Magazine is distributed at local lifestyle friendly venues and clubs. It is also available for discreet distribution by mail for those who subscribe via our website.

Lifestyler Nation is divided up into sections to better educate and inform the reader. Some of these sections include:

This section looks at travel destinations that cater to the alternative minded traveler. Couples Only, Clothing Optional and Nudist Resorts to name a few.

This section looks at staying healthy and fit. It also puts a large focus on hygiene and personal protection.

This section highlights upcoming events to watch for.

The Back Room
This section peeks into our BDSM community, which is often misunderstood by many.

The Curious Cat
This section gives newbies or Lifestyle curious people a place to learn about the culture, etiquette and things to expect as they enter or continue in the life.

The Bare Facts
This section is focused on nudists and naturists.

The Club Scene
This section highlights the local Lifestyle friendly groups and clubs in the area.


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